Second edition of the book "Energy Systems: A New Approach to Engineering Thermodynamics"

Key issues

Key issues are the most important concepts whose understanding is essential to be able to fully take advantage of the book.

More than twenty key issues are highlighted, often with referrals to self-assessment activities.

The list of the book's key issues is given below.

B2.1 KI Architecture and operation of basic cycles

B2.2 KI Four basic functions

B2.3 KI Basic notions

B2.4 KI First Law, energies put into play in processes

B2.5 KI Reference processes, imperfection factors

B3.1 KI fluid properties

B3.2 KI Thermodynamic charts

B3.3 KI Efficiencies

B3.4 KI Identification of basic cycles in (h, ln (P)) charts

B4.1 KI Main difference between diesel and gasoline engines

B4.2 KI Fundamental combustion notions

B4.4 KI Effectiveness-NTU method

B4.6 KI Fundamental heat exchanger notions

B5.1 KI Architecture and configuration of a boiler

B6.1 KI Converting heat to work, Carnot cycle

B6.2 KI Entropy chart

B6.6 KI Exergy balance spreadsheet

B8.2 KI Practical Difference Between Isentropic and Polytropic Approaches

B9.6 KI Reciprocating internal combustion engines

B11.2 KI Ejectors

B13.1 KI CTP Lib thermodynamic properties server

B13.2 KI Modeling of the pair LiBr-H2

B17.1 KI External class FlashBrine

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